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Presenting information on the Celine Tie Tote Bag. This latest tote bag from Celine first appeared during the brand's Winter 2013 Collection. It also appears in the Celine's Spring (Resort) 2014 Collection in fresh new colors. The bag features a flap front which can be tucked in or shown on the exterior. The bag is aptly named by the "knots" or "ties" at the base of the handles. The Celine Tie Tote bag is an updated version of the Celine Phantom bag and coincidentally the Spring collection no longer includes the Phantom in the lineup.

It includes a mini pouch, has an internal zipped pocket and two slip pockets. The flap can be tucked inside the bag, and it has a much larger roomy interior.

The Celine Tie Tote Bag comes in two size: small and mini

It says a lot about a bag when they are invited to come back in every season – the Celine Tie Tote is still fresh, introduced only a year ago, built to last forever and the design is based on what Celine is good at; handbags with flappy wings.

The name ‘Tie’ is thanks to the knotted handle attachment, an unique accessory in the world of fashion, crafted to match your casual chic outfits and carry it as an everyday bag.

But its not only the design, perhaps we should look more into the details, the minimalistic appeal that make us fall in love with Celine bags over and over again, the impeccable leather that’s made to last forever.

For the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, the fashion house introduced some very interesting combination and styles, The Tie Tote in Felt is not only well-priced, but it looks amazing. Obviously, felt is a material that is cheaper than leather, but it’s a different experience.

The Celine Tie tote bag has been made available in a mini size for Fall / Winter 2014, complete with unique contrast lining in suede. The mini size comes in a variety of colors such as Tan, Alizarin, Fluo Yellow and many more.  This mini size is closer to the Celine Micro Luggage Tote bag at 10" L across and 9"H; however, the smaller version will not include the interior pochette. The first edition of the Celine Tie Tote bag was large measuring over 15" in length.  The price at $3,600.00 is likely higher due to the fact that its made of more expensive Palmelato.

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Michael Kors Collection Santorini Woven Raffia Handbag Tote

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Michael Kors Collection Santorini Woven Raffia Handbag Tote

I know it is a little early to be thinking about beach totes, but this one is just so gorgeous I couldn’t resist! You know what though? A straw tote isn’t just for the beach. In fact, straw and raffia handbags are a popular item during both the spring and summer months. There is just something about straw that feels so right during this time of year. They have this light and airy feeling to them that is perfect for those warm sunny days where you want to dress more casually. Stay tuned for my post about beach totes. For now, I want to feature the Michael Kors Collection Santorini Tote!

What I like about this tote is that it doesn’t scream beach tote. In fact, this tote is sophisticated enough to double as an everyday bag. It has a straw body with a great basket weave pattern. I think the polishing feature though is the contrasting leather straps. This particular version has black straps with contrasting brown stitching, but I have seen versions with colored straps as well. And even though this tote is unlined, it manages to have a shape that is a little bit more defined.

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2-in-1 Handbag Style: Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote

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1 Bag, 2 Looks! Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote

I came across an interesting looking handbag today. It’s from a designer that I haven’t heard from in some time, bag designer Luana Italy. The brand Luana Italy was originally founded in Pelago, Italy in 1965, and then recently relaunched after a brief hiatus from the fashion world.

One handbag in particular by this designer, that caught my attention is the Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Leather Tote.

Every girl should have a basic leather tote in their collection. It has become a staple for both work and play. What I like about this particular tote is that it’s a 2-in-1 style. That means two looks for one investment! I really like this black and red version. You can be sophisticated one day and powerful the next. And this tote is made out of leather. You just don’t see very many reversible totes made of leather these days. Seems like many designers go for canvas and nylon, however this leather is a soft enough material that would allow for reversible design. This designer may have taken a break from the fashion world, but they started back off on the right foot. I do like the look of this tote. It would be perfect for whatever life throws your way!

The Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Expires 10/18**
Luana Carlyle Reversible Handbag

Below are a few versions of the Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote. Which is your favorite?
Luana Saffiano Carlyle Bag 
Textured Saffiano & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Italy Carlyle Shearling Leather Reversible Handbag 
Textured ultra-soft long hair shearling & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Italy Carlyle Textured Saffiano Bag 
Textured Saffiano & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Carlyle Shearling Leather Reversible Handbag 
Textured ultra-soft shearling & Soft pebble leather.

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Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Cabas Tote Bags

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The release of the new Saint Laurent Psych Rock Collection has just been announced and we’re already filtering the bags we love. Presenting the Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Cabas Tote, you heard it right, it’s a baby.

Small, tiny and baby, do you already have a mini tote bag (like in this size) in your wardrobe? If not, please put this in your wish list – for the special occasions, for the night-outs and for the weekends.

You know what we love, the interlocking YSL signature buckle closure embellished in the front, made in golden hardware. Chic and cute, that’s what you need to perfectionize your life. It comes with a luggage tag and a removable shoulder strap.

Crafted from calfskin with suede lining. Made with interior slot pocket, the colors available are blue, fuchsia, grey and black. Measuring 25.5 x 19 x 13 cm.


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Chloe Clare Tote Bag

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The first time I saw the Chloe Mini Clare Bag I fell in love. I was almost certain that it was love at first sight, everything felt right – it’s small, gorgeous and I love all the details about it until… I received this message:

‘After contacting our stylists, we were informed that the bag is, unfortunately, not adjustable’.

What do you mean it’s not adjustable?

For a not-too-long girl (let’s keep it that way), the shoulder strap is too long and unfortunately, it was the only thing that kept me from getting married to, the Chloe Mini Clare Tote Bag.

Now finally, after a long wait, Chloe has released the Clare Tote Bag. And I am astonished that they kept the exact same face – the only major difference between the shoulder bag and the tote are the handles.

You got to love the new tote, it’s a chic city bag and can be used in many occasions. Without a doubt, you can take it to work and then to the evening. The size is generous, measuring 7’ x 11.5’ x 4.5’ inches, featured with internal zipped pocket, back slot pocket.

The Chloe Clare Tote also comes with a detachable chain-link and leather shoulder strap, it can be opened with pin fastening and I really love it because of its distinguish design.


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We haven’t written much about the Proenza Schouler handbags lately, well except for the ps11 of course. Today we checked again what PS has in store and it seems like they’ve expanded their collection. The new handbags are definitely worth talking about…

So there you go, meet Proenza Schouler Leather Shopper. It’s a minimalistic shoulder bag, but practical and with a little twist to distinguish itself from rest.

It’s a sleek street-chic bag, crafted from calf leather and designed with black and white fringed detail for a graphic urban look. You will love to carry it on the busy days – store it with your daily essentials and sling it on your shoulder.

You see, oversized logo is so out. That’s why the fashion house put their logo on the bottom of the bag with tiny letters. Measuring 14’ x 12.5’ x 5.5’ (H x W x D), priced at €1250 euro or $1290 USD via MyTheresa.








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