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Ask yourself this. When was the last time you used an actual calendar? No, not the digital ones we all have in our MacBooks and smartphones, but an actual printed-on-paper one hanging on your wall. Part of Loewe’s ongoing Past, Present and Future movement that aims to bring us into its modern past, its unwavering confidence in the present, and a positive outlook for the distant future, we now have this, a stunning 2017 calendar lensed by Steven Meisel for #LoeweFlores.


12 beautifully stunning still lifes composed of flower arrangements that show the subtle passing of each season, it’s a testament to the continuing relationship between the famed photographer and LVHM-owned Spanish luxury house.

Lightly printed with the dates of the respective month, the focus is still on the flowers, which will definitely look good on most any wall out there. Priced at SGD190 and available in limited quantities at Loewe Paragon, it’s perhaps time for us to have printed calendars hanging on our bedroom walls, especially since most of us would have recovered from the time when the only ones we had were from Debbie Gibson/NKOTB/Backstreet Boys. 

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Love It or Leave It: The Loewe Elephant Shoulder Bag

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Loewe‘s animal-shaped coin purses and pouches have long been popular with shoppers, and it’s not rocket science to figure out why: not only are Loewe’s leather goods uniformly well-made, but the pouches take something that’s normally pretty boring and make it a lot more fun without impacting its practicality at all. On top of that, committing to a panda-shaped pouch, for example, feels less bold than carrying a larger one as a handbag. But if the bag version were exactly right, would you be up for it?


In the handful of seasons he’s spent at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson has continued to expand the brand’s existing profile as a favorite among fashion insiders. Much of Anderson’s work is inventive and fresh-feeling in a fashion landscape full of retro rehashes, but he does it in a way that doesn’t make Loewe’s pieces difficult to wear or use. The Loewe Elephant Bag is a prime example of that: it’s weird, but in a good and well-considered way, and it’ll do just as good a job carrying your stuff as any other small crossbody.

A multicolored-stripe elephant shouldn’t feel as restrained or as tailored as this one does, but somehow, it totally works for me. It’s be an adorable little weekend option, especially during warm weather. 

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Loewe S/S16 Mens Sneaker Collection

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A first for the Spanish leather house of Loewe, Creative Director J.W. Anderson wanted something that was young, easy and fun, and yet for it to have a collectible edge.


Combining characteristics of the classic bowling shoe with elements of the everyday sneaker, the shoes sport rubbers soles with either Napa leather or suede tops, while some others, like the Poly Galaxy Sneaker, come with the runway motif on printed leather.

And while I do like the ones that come with the runway print, I haven’t had the chance to try them on yet, so I really wouldn’t know how they fit or how comfy they are. For those who have, do leave a comment here; for everyone else, you’ll be pleased to know that they are now available in Singapore and priced from between SGD850 and SGD1150 a pair, depending on the leather(s) and the print.

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Loewe S/S16 Techno Chrome Amazona

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For those of you waiting upon J.W. Anderson for Loewe’s Japan-inspired S/S16 collection for men, here’s good news. Already launched at the new Casa Loeweconcept store at Paragon (which also happens to be the 3rd such boutique in the world after Tokyo and Milan), you’ll find a good smattering of RTW, bags and accessories, including the Techno Chrome Amazona that’s shown above.

Measuring some 36.5 cm across and adorned with motif patches that Anderson found in reference material while on holiday in Tokyo, most of you familiar with theAmazona of yore will notice a refreshed look that’s actually more in keeping with the original that came out decades ago.

Gone is the lock, the leather name tag now replaces the key fob, even the logo has been moved from the centre of the bag to the side. It’s also structurally cleaner, and somewhat less ‘clunky’ than the old version, which you’ll immediately see if you place an old one and a new one side by side. Priced at SGD4850 (it is the seasonal offering, after all), you’ll find this and the manga-inspired cotton-twill Shopper (yes, that’s much cheaper too) at the new store.


For those of you, however, who would prefer something larger and a little more classic (in other words, something you’ll actually keep using year after year), why not check out the refreshed Amazona44, stunning in calfskin leather and available in many colours but the one that has got me all excited is this one in, you guessed it, Khaki Green. Priced at SGD3990, the only drawback is the fact that it doesn’t come with any shoulder sling unlike the smaller Amazona bags.

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Loewe F/W15 Amazona23

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Most bags, like most things in life, will almost always benefit from a little refreshment, rejuvenation or redesign, whichever way you like to call it. And in the case of Loewe’s most iconic Amazona, it’s one that I feel was done most appropriately with nothing too severely changed, just a change in a placement of the logo, the addition of a more robust key tag and in the case of the Amazona23, the option of using it with its long leather sling as well.

Measuring a wee 23.8 cm by 15.5 cm (and that’s why it’s called the 23), the unlined interior also comes with a zip pocket and a D-ring, great for hooking your keys on to. More importantly, it looks like this first batch of revamped Amazona bags will come in a variety of luscious hues, like the classic Oro (that’s golden suede on leather), along with calfskin leather variations in Black, Mink (it’s a lovely brown tan) and Soft Pink, every girly girl’s favourite hue.

For those who prefer their bags bigger, this Amazona also comes in a 28 (29 cm by 18 cm) and a regular (36.5 cm by 23 cm), with prices at EUR1400, EUR1600 andEUR1800 respectively for all 3 sizes.

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Loewe Skin Accessories Collection

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If you plan to travel very soon and you’re looking for a companion, then perhaps the Loewe Skin Collection can give you a hand. You see, two new bags have been introduced that can be folded and easily carried no matter where you go. The bags take very little space and has a room to store all your big or little must-take-with-me essentials.

Loewe is famous for its leather techniques and craftsmanship, the Skin Collection is mainly focused on the work on leather hides and only accessories are made, so no clothes. And like always, the-can’t-miss amazona bag is now available in either classic summer black or in exotic leather. Also this season’s newest addiction is the Origami Cubo bag, featured in exotic python leather – this unique bag can be carried anywhere you go and you can easily fold it anytime you want.

The next lovely bag is the Loewe Cubo Bag in charcoal, also one of the most recent releases. It’s basically a boxy but extremely smooth duffle bag that can be carried by hand. It’s embellished with a timeless Loewe padlock and a tag for the luxurious look, but just like the Origami Cubo bag, the secret lies in the techniques; the bag takes very little space, you can fold it anytime you like.

Of course, the Flamenco; Loewe’s princess, standing next to the iconic Amazona bag. Now for the skin collection available in white, nude and python. And for those who are interested, at Loewe e-store and here are the prices:

Loewe Origami Cubo in Python: €2.600 euro
Loewe Cubo bag: €1.600 euro
Loewe Amazona Bag in black: €1.900 euro
Loewe flamenco Bag: €1.200 euro





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