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Old is gold, and rightly so. Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions present a carefully curated selection of exclusive vintage Hermés bags such as the Birkin and Kelly by way of a trunk show that ends on the 17th of this month. From exotic skin options, beautiful colors to stylish arm candies; the choices are many. Most of the selection is already sold out, so grab them before they are all gone! Here are our top five picks.

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This 35cm Shiny Electric Blue Porosus Crocodile Birkin is a head turner, if there ever was one. Priced at $73,100, it’s a coup that you can purchase it here without any waiting list!

The 35Cm Gris Elephant Porosus Crocodile Birkin is priced at $63,250 and the color makes it a true classic. Buy this stunner, which will never go out of style, here.

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A bag closet is truly incomplete without a Birkin and this 40cm Shiny Black Alligator Birkin will be a prized addition. At $53453, it is a steal and can be grabbed here.

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The most sought after Brikin hands down, the 30Cm Tangerine Ostrich Birkin, is a stylista’s dream come true. It is up for grabs for $ 23539, here.

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The Sanguine Matte Nilo Crocodile Kelly Cut is a chic accompaniment for the modern-day woman who likes fuss-free and functional designs to take her from day to night. Priced at $21,500, it can be bought here.

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Along with Birkin bag Hermes scarf has become one of the most recognized label’s creations. Each scarf is hand-printed and hand-stitched. Besides, it has a secret that you might not have known – scarves are made with a scent!

Hermes scarf

Originally made of silk Hermes scarf measures 90 cm × 90 cm and weighs 65 grams. To manufacture one piece 250 mulberry moth cocoons are necessary. When the fabric is ready it is hand-printed by Hermes professionals who have to apply up to forty three silk screens to achieve the effect. One screen is for one color of the scarf.

Motifs for scarves have ranged from the germane (such as the French Revolution or French Cuisine) to the unexpected (such as the flora and fauna of Texas). However, the most common prints for Hermes scarf are the equestrian and military motifs.

Every year only two collections of scarves are released, and some older versions of the legendary scarf are made. Year by year the sale of Hermes scarf is increasing and on holidays like Christmas scarves literally fly off shelves, selling a piece every 20 seconds despite the fact the average price for the item is 300 euros.

Today Hermes manufactures cashmere/silk blend scarves for colder seasons. Both types of scarves are popular with customers.

Hermes scarf

Hermes has released a book about their scarves entitled The Hermès Scarf: History and Mystique. The book tells the history of Hermes scarf and reveals the technology of its production. Besides, the reader can find information about multiple ways of wearing the scarf.

The number of fans of Hermes scarf includes lots of celebrities who value the piece for its quality and the status it gives to the wearer. Queen Elisabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, Kylie Minogue, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, and Madonna – all were spotted wearing Hermes scarves.

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Kim Kardashian Debuts Hermès Bag Painted by Baby North


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to an office building in Los Angeles, CA

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Hermes Lindy Bag in Niloticus Crocodile



One of the top 5 must have in the Hermes Classic Bag Collection, the Hermes Lindy is no doubt the-bag-to-go. If you can’t find the Birkin or the Kelly, purchase the Lindy first, it’s as stylish and practical as the iconic’s.

In terms of leathers, the Lindy is usually available in Clemence. This material has been around since 1980’s and is a bit grainy. The leather is luxurious as well as durable and heavy.

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But anyways, besides Clemence, has anyone spotted the Hermes Lindy Bag in Niloticus Crocodile Leather. This leather comes out of the Africa’s Nile River in the Region Zimbabwe and it needs a bit more maintenance (and carefulness) than Clemence. Yet, if you got a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench, you might want to consider this version.

The ultimate feminine handbag, for now we’ve spotted it in purple. It comes with a shoulder strap, or it can be carried by hand (hand strap). Refined with silver hardware, the bag can be opened with two-sided zippers.

Measuring 12’ x 7.5’ x 6.5’ inches, priced at $35,600 USD at Hermes boutique.




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Hermes Berline Sport Bag



A sporting life.

The Hermes Berline Bag is no stranger.

Presented in an ad campaign, where the model is walking through thick snow, on a journey, and dressed with a cozy coat while carrying a sporty shoulder bag.

Perhaps this is what makes the Berline bag so famous…

It’s crafted with the iconic ‘Kelly Closure’, the same you get on the Classic Birkin Tote, and the same you get on the Kelly Tote.

We present to you, a special edition, the Hermes Berline Sport Bag.

So what’s the difference between the Hermes Berline Bag and the Hermes Berline Sport Bag, you asked? =)

Well, not much.

Hermes highlighted the rings/the edges with bold colour to make it stand-out. Notice the black lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in brown, it’s delicious and even sportier. And notice the pearly grey lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in Red, it’s like an strawberry ice cream with a bit of vanilla. Yummie!

These accessories are ideal for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, are you prepared? It comes with a removable shoulder strap and a spacious interior. The bag is designed simple, yet marvellous. It’s the bag you will pick for the casual weekends, pair it with jeans and tees.

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Made from swift calf leather, refined with silver hardware. Measuring 21 x 17 x 6 cm, available at Hermes boutique or e-store for €4250 euro’s or £4020 GBP.




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Hermes Herbag Zip Tote in Toile



Who doesn’t know the Hermes Herbag Zip Tote.

Some elements crafted on this bag is the same like the Hermes Kelly Tote, which makes it the perfect substitute for anyone who can’t afford the Kelly Tote or for anyone who is on a 5 year waiting list.

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Now, the purpose of this post is not to tell you the (full) details, because we’ve already featured that in our previous article. And we are not going to talk about the leather extensively or the maintenance.

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We want to show you the variation and the new colour that will be available for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. Green body with natural bamboo leather is the perfection combination, it also comes with a tag and a long shoulder strap.

The lock in the center features the brand’s signature: ‘Hermes Paris’. By the way, this is the Hermes Herbag 31 Zip Tote in Toile. What you might also love, is that the interior comes with a pouch, which has the same colour as its body. The pouch is linked to a leather strap.

We also want to show you how the interior looks, it’s basically one large compartment for all your essentials, no extra pockets or whatsoever.

The size is 25.5 x 31 x 10 cm (H x W x D) and it’s priced around $2500 USD at Hermes boutique.



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